A Passion to Win is a Redstone‘s book published by 2001.
I haven’t got the chance to read the English edition, though I have already been inspired and encouraged by its Chinese translated edition.
Passion” , I love this word! As for me, I know clearly that I cannot always have passion, to live or to love, or whatever. From time to time, we are trapped in certain scenarios, in which we may lose hearts, we may give up, etc. That’s why I want to make this blog “A Passion to Win“, I want it to be the reminder that will lead me to success.
Starting from today, I will try to keep record of my path on this blog, though there might be no reader. But, who cares? It can be anything I want to remember or something that I want to share with nobody…

Live in A Passion to Win!


19 July, 2007