Yesterday night when I was having a telephone conversation with my mom, she complained again about my salary. It is not the first time she complained, definitely not the last time either. Well, I turned a deaf ear to her complaint.

Tonight, my dad called me, talking about how I am getting with my job. Again, the issue of money had been raised and I don’t feel good about it.

I know money matters. So is career planning.

I love management, always dreaming that one day I will be managing a team, a department, or a company. That’s where my interest lies in if I don’t have the talent.

I also know that our family may needs money, and my parents are both fed up with the life without or short of money. But those times has gone! I know that it is my reponsibility to support my family, make good money and offer them comfortable living conditions.

However, as a fresh graduate from university, I personally have a faith in that people should care for not only money but also career path in their first job. What matters is a person’s overall capability and how he/she cooperates with people around them.

 I strongly believe that I will achieve my career goal and have my own success if I can keep learning and growing up. Sooner or later, I will let them know it is far more better to see long-term, but not short-term benefit.

I have been under great pressure also in my work. Part of the reason is that Hongkong standard is much higher than Mainland standard, though I am not pretty sure if there is standard of Mainland or not. On one hand, I should keep learning. On the other hand, I am lonely when my boss evaluates my performance based on Hongkong standard. It is a long way to go.

Get through it, and I will enjoy the sunshine.

When will I see the sunshine? Who knows? But, one thing for sure, I should work hard and work smart.

I am curious if many people experience the same problems as mine and how they handle it. But best wishes to all the people who are fighting in the career path, also to myself.

Keep it up!


20 July, 2007