Yesterday, I was coming back to my apartment with my desktop.

The first thing I needed to do is enable Internet connection and get my keyboard shelf repaired.

I rang the woodworker and he friendly said, “No problem, I will go fix it immediately when you are ready in the apartment”. Wow! Good service, I was impressed.

I rang him again in the afternoon. He told me it was difficult to buy the repairing material since the stores sell it were going to close at that time. He then offered me an alternative, nearly 70% of the expecting service. Wow! He tried to lower his level of service before asking if I got the material with my keyboard shelf, only 0ne hour after his assurance of best service to me. What a change! Obviously, it is unacceptable at that time and not a smart move.

Well, at night, an thought flashed to my mind and suddenly I was kind of get something, something I am confused with my current job and my boss.

I am a very proactive person, at least I am proactive to be. When my boss asked me if I can help him do something or if I can take charge of some job, I will usually reply as soon as possible “No problem! I will do it”. The problem is I even didn’t evaluate if I can do it well or not, though I really get passion to work on it and I know I should be very responsible for any task I have committed. Problem lies here.

In this case, I am the same as the woodworker. We both commit to a task, that is to say, we should make it done and well done. But the result sometimes turn out to be not good, when our boss (in the woodworker’s case, I am the boss) will have negative impression on me. Why? Because in this business world, every boss is result-oriented. You granted him something, you should finally give him something. If not, you fail him and obviously it is always bad to fail you boss.

I need to change, and change for the better.

I did it bad not because I don’t want to do it good, but because I don’t know how to do it good. I will do it good in the future, from now on.

Keep learnin’!


22 July, 2007