I was planning to build a blog for knowledge sharing for people among my age.  However, I was not creative enough to come up with a very appealing name, at least to satisfy myself.

Today, I discussed with June about the blog stuff, say, what content to be put on the blog. After brainstorming, we created a list of categories, like work experience, recreation, etc. All about growing up. Suddenly, the TV Shows “Growing Pains” flashed across my mind, and that was exactly when “Growing Pleasures” came about. Great name for the blog! Isn’t it?

Wait! It is no doubt a great name. However, we may come up with a better one in the future. Who knows? Therefore, I will take it as one option, though no other ones are available for the moment.

That is it! The magic power of discussion. I can still remember the other day I discussed with Francis about the segmentation in Email Marketing industry. Before discussion, we both got something in our brain, but different concept. Meanwhile, we were trapped by the same problem: how to make segmentation more relevant and how to make it more convenient for the email subscribers. On our discussion, a new idea came up and perfectly solved our problem.

What do I learn from it? Discussion combines each individual’s knowledge together and generate another kind of knowledge that are more sophisticated and systematic. Sometimes, inspiration only takes a short discussion.

Keep discussin’


24 July, 2007