Today, I had a weekly deliverability meeting with Leo, Yvonne, Ray, Becky and Dennis.

I presented about what we can offer to the clients when they got problem with delivery issues with their email campaign. Although I have been reading those articles about this topic and make well preparation, but I was still a little bit (more actually) afraid of Leo.

Why? Because Leo can always raise some questions that make you get nowhere. It is like he has the magic power to point out those information I am not 100% sure. That’s why I am pretty afraid of him…

But today it was different. I was surprised to  find that I can answer whatever question Leo asked me and reacted correctly. What a miracle! I have never expected that would have happened.

After the deliverability service plan officially launch, I will be well off, a bit more comfortable than now, though I am not comfortable at all for the moment.

Stanley told me that in our company, what you have done in a single year equals to those you would have done in several years if you are in another company. Well, does it mean that I will be improving very fast in this company? Let’s see what will happen.

But bear in mind, always be professional at work.

Keep improvin’


1 August, 2007