Today, I watched “Slam Dunk” and was inspired by my favorite character “樱木花道”.

It is when “樱木花道” gets the chance to face one-and-one with the MVP “牧绅一”. The only thought in his mind is “我要超越你” but not how strong “牧绅一” is and how difficult it would be to beat “牧绅一”. He is concentrated to do only one thing: to beat “牧绅一”.

And he makes it! He beats “牧绅一”.

I am kind of have lost my “锐气” after I steped into the society. The people around me are very professional. They got better education than me, they got better foundation, etc. I admitted the failure before I tried to fight. How can I make it?

If I believe, I still got chance though success is not guaranteed;

But if I don’t believe, failure is guaranteed.

Just like “There can be miracle when you believe!”

Believe it and make it!

Get back your “锐气”

Keep thinkin’


8 August, 2007