Every one can have a well organized schedule, but there is always sudden task.

How to deal with it, especially the sudden task is from your supervisor?

1. Say “NO”

You can not say “YES” because they are your supervisor. If you say “YES” to them all the time, you are a dead man. You got your own schedule, so they should respect it and ask you to mark your schedule if they really want you to do something.

2. Conditional “YES”

You cannot always say “NO”, either. Again, because they are your supervisor. Say “YES”, but followed with a condition like “Yes if nothing unexpected happens”. In this way, protect yourself and still can keep your schedule.

3. Play the ball back – Smart

Tell him/her you are now supposed to do some certain task, and if he/she wants you to do the sudden task, you need to postpond the one at hand, and that would be an issue. If the one at hand is from another supervisor, ask him/her to coordinate, let them negotiate and get back to you their final decision. In this case, you play the ball back, and again, protect yourself and can also prioritize.

What can be better?

Keep thinkin’


9 August, 2007