Well, it feels good to be a PM, but actually, it doesn’t bring me too much pleasure. Instead, great pressure comes after it.

It takes me no more than 5 months to be a PM. You might say it is great achievement. But on my part, I am still wondering if I can handle it well. Managing a business project is not like managing a student organization as I did one year ago.

I am confident, but regarding with this, I am not as confident as I used to be. Why? You may wonder. The answer is simple. Because I am green in terms of work experience, though I have three job titles now instead of only one at the very beginning when I joined our company.

It takes too much to be a PM, and I don’t have that much now. OK, let me learn by doing, that is one of the best ways to accomplish a task. I got to arrange a meeting, prepare the meeting agenda, allocate resources, coordinate between both sides…bla bla  bla…the list seems cannot be finished.

Meeting agenda, working schedule, action items, meeting deliverables…these things keep floating on my mind, in and out.

Not sure if it is too early for me. Anyway, I am so grateful that my boss have given me this opportunity and I definitely will seize it and play my best.

As PM, I will host the project kickoff meeting the day after tommorrow. Let me make well preparation and have a good start.

God bless me!


21 August, 2007