Well, I hosted the project kickoff meeting with our client, the GM and the Marketing Executive. They are tough to deal with, as my functional manager told me. I have prepared the meeting agenda and working schedule for today’s meeting.

Although I used to host a meeting with an organization of more than 100 people for many times and I could handle it like a piece of cake. But I took today’s meeting very seriously, as one of my friends said, “It is my first shot”.

It’s always good to have a meeting agenda at hand. You would find it handy, like a note to you when you are addressing a speech.  Follow with the agenda, I went through the project scope and work approach, as well as timeline. We clarified some issues in-between and confirm the benchmark for this marketing project. The benchmark is a bit higher than their past performance, but it is reachable. What I need to do is to ensure the project deliverables will reach the benchmark or even higher.

Well, judging from my experience and expertize (if any), I just found our clients were so nice to me. I believe our team can deliver more than they expect and further convince them our professional service.

The project kickoff meeting ended and I got a lot to do in the coming six months with this project. However, this project is just a part of my work. There is pretty much other work awaiting me. Got to finetune my work schedule and habits to boost up my work efficiency and effectiveness.

To conclude the second part of being a PM, I may say “Get well prepared, and everything will be fine.”

Keep deliverin’


24 August, 2007