This morning I hosted the monthly meeting.

We reviewed what we have done in the past month, and tried to solve some issues came out.

We briefed what we were going to do in the coming month and set up some benchmark for performance appraisal.

I just found that I didn’t get well prepared for the meeting, since I missed some of the points, which supposed to be raised by me rather than the clients.

It could be big issue before, but I am now facing tougher challenge. My boss asked me to work out a business process with our coming-to-launch deliverability project. Wow! I have never seen those thing before. It’s huge for me.

The fun is that every time I considered something really huge and unreachable, I will face something more challenging and more unreachable one week or two later.

Life is full of challenge and followed by great opportunity.

What I am happy with is that my boss really wants to grow me up.

That’s great and of fun!

Enjoy it!



3 September, 2007