“Good Job Jeff! Keep Going!”


This is the personal message on my boss’s MSN.

It’s cool to see that after my short presentation of the Deliverability Service Project Workflow.

Last Friday, my boss came to Guangzhou and asked me to work out a systematic workflow for our coming-to-launch deliverability project.

Wow! My brain was blank at that time, even after talking with him and our product manager for more than one hour.

I just didn’t feel I am going to make it during the weekend.

How am I supposed to make something out of nothing? It’s the most challenging task so far as I experience. However, it was assigned by my boss. How can I refuse? And I need to work something out. Still, no progress during the weekend.

Nearly sunday night, my boss sent me some materials for reference. That’s inspiring. I felt a bit better though still no progress was made.

On Monday, yesterday actually, I was stuffed with other tasks so I totally didn’t deal with it at all. But, I printed something back home to read. No concrete progress was made yet.

Today, I realized that it’s the time to do something, or else, I would be titled “Lack of execution”. Therefore, I tried to use one concrete example to see what I need to do if I am managing that project. And then comes the project workflow in general, we may say the big picture or roadmap of the project.

I presented to my boss and he recognized it. And I am going to make it detailed and look professional.

Thing turns out great!

Moral: Every time you found something is IMPOSSIBLE:

First: have a little faith;

Second: try to think in the big picture

If it is too difficult to come up with the big picture, we may try something concrete. After that, the big picture will come up.

Third: Finetune the big picture and start to make it detailed

Last but not least: Make it professional.

That’s the way it is.


3 September, 2007