These days I just found myself complain time and time again.


Complain about workload, complain about not enough time, complain about too tough client…bla bla bla

On the other hand, I kept constantly telling people around me not to complain about their jobs and things like that.

What’s wrong with me? I am wondering.

Suddenly, I came to realize that people also have a comfortable zone, within which they won’t complain. However, while the balance is broken, the complain stuff comes into play.

The reason that I don’t complain about those other people complain is that those things are in my comfortable zone, or we may say, acceptable zone. But everybody has his/her own limit. I am pretty sure that most people will complain while they meet their limit.

A very successful business man might complain about his family relationship, a low-income worker might complain about his financial difficulty…Believe it or not, every one got something to complain about. The only difference lies in the complain frequency. Some people seldom complain, while some complain a lot.

Well, people complain…But…What makes a difference?

The one that makes a difference is do something about it.

The facts would not be changed however much you complain about it. What matters is what you are going to do RIGHT NOW! Take action and you may not need to complain any more.

Don’t complain! Just do something about it!

If your client is tough, then make it tougher or the toughest. Think about it! If you are able to deal with the toughest client, how easy could it be when you are getting on with the tough one? You grow up when facing challenge, so just let the challenge be a biggest one, so that you can grow up the fastest!

Keep Growin’


7 September, 2007