Well, I learned a lesson today.

During the project kickoff meeting, besides what we are going to do and deliver, some terms and conditions should be clarified, in order to protect ourselves from unnecessary trouble.

> Where comes the terms and conditions?

But how can we work out the terms and conditions, as well as limitation for client’s expectation. I still remember the other day my boss told me that I should learn to protect myself by asking questions. By asking questions, I will be able to know what my client is expecting and further to evaluate if it is possible to deliver the desired result. On the other hand, by asking question, we can know clear what is supposed to be done and what is not necessary, so we can better allocate our resources.

> Why we need to ask questions?

For example, the other day a client asks you to produce a great watch. You don’t ask him questions, and just produce the watch that is great in your mind. And then you come to the client and show him the watch with the revolutionary features. However, the client suddenly asks you, “Is it waterproof?”, “Can it be still fine when falling off from 20m?” It so happens that the watch is not waterproof and can only be fine when falling off from 19m. In that case, you should be responsible for all the loss. Why? Because you don’t ask question. Becasue you will never know what the client is expecting if you don’t ask questions. So, that’s the power of asking questions. I should always ask questions before kicking off the project, that’s also a part of communication. Not only to protect myself, but also to protect my people and my team.

 I am not a good PM yet. But I will learn by doing. I am on my way now!footsteps.jpg

Keep growin’


13 September, 2007