Wow, I finally deleted PES6 from my computer. Sweet and bitter!

=> Why sweet?

It’s not PES6’s fault, but PES6 is the problem. First, I have to say that the one developed this game is a genius. PES6 brings me great joys. I played everyday I went back from work, though it was only a match of 15 minutes. The problem is that I cannot control myself play more during the weekend, the time period which I do think I should focus on personal development like reading books on Time Management or Project Management, etc. The problem existed for several months and luckily it came to an end.

=> Why bitter?

You can easily tell, I cannot play it any more, since my brother took my installation disc away from me. Thinking of that I can no longer play football with Ronaldo and Zidane (Here I mean the team which I composed in the game). What a great pity!

=>> What’s next?

Since I make my decision to give more time to my books, I will keep my words. If everything goes fine, I am going to have two new books on Time Management and Project Management, that is what I have been expecting for several weeks.

Just want to grow up…Sorry PES6, Goodbye PES6, Love You, PES6!


23 September, 2007