Well, yesterday I made a BIG BIG mistake, which can be fatal.

I have wrongly deleted (Hard Delete) the Master List of our marketing department, which includes more than 46,000 email contacts, our company’s subscribers for the past few years. I was really stupid!!!

Fortunately, and I don’t know why I can be that lucky, Stanley, my colleague, also my friend, a developer and the key architect of our software, restore more than 20,000 contacts for me, while I still don’t know how he made it. That’s the power of a developer and it somehow helped me out.

I reported this to my GM and the associated party, they told me they do have a back up file, and will come up with a plan to deal with it. I will be notified about the impact of this mistake after the long holiday.

Anyway, I got to take up the responsibility. But that doesn’t matter so much to me, I just wish that there won’t be great impact on marketing department, because I will feel guilty all the time if my shortcoming brings pains to other people and parties.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, my friends!


30 September, 2007