I couldn’t understand why our GM always asking me to sending meeting request to reserve her time if I got something to discuss with her. I just cannot understand why there should be a meeting when you are going to take her no more than 5 minutes.

But the other day I understood it completely.

I have been damned busy these days, rushing a lot of tasks to be submited, due to our long holiday. The night before yesterday, I was back home from work, and my girlfriend asked me to help her move some furniture to her apartment. Wow, I planned to work again as soon as I did my shower, which meaned I didn’t reserve my time to her for that stuff. I said sorry to her and she was kind of mad at me. But it was at that very moment I came to realize why reserving other people’s time is so critical in business.

Why? At least because they are too busy, getting endless work to do and already have their time planned for certain tasks or appointments. But other people, take me for example as an entry level staff, just cannot understand how busy they could be at the very beginning.

So, from now on, I got to reserve other people’s time if possible. And believe me, it is really the right thing to do and critical in business.


30 September, 2007