It’s been a long time since I wrote my last blog post last time on 30 Sep.

After the long holiday, I returned to work this Monday. As I mentioned in my last post, I made a big mistake, actually a devastating one. My supervisor had worked on making it up for me and everything returned to normal and fine when I was back. I trully appreciated it very much.

From this accident, I do feel the kindness of my team and my company. Actually they didn’t blame me on that from which I see my company is really a great company, a dreamed company for most people. My boss, told me that “Don’t worry, everyone experienced this, but don’t make the same mistake twice”. My GM and manager, asked about the reason and looked for solutions after that.

Through this mistake, I have also learn something on how to comfort a client:

1. proactively address the situation;

2. apologize and seek solution

3. compensation

4. timely progress report

For my PM job, it sucks…

The first month’s benchmark couldn’t be met and I felt very sorry about it.

It’s not that we are not doing well during this project, it is about we are not clear what we are going to do from Day 1. As a PM, I should know what the client’s expectation and how they set their benchmark, both of which can help me better serve the client and protect ourselves when there are some other factors resulting in our not good performance.

I also lack the ability to say it right, to say the right thing with the right tone when dealing with client. My CEO, GM and manager also gave me guidance on this also, I really need to work hard on this.

When it comes to communication and coordination, I also need to be trained up. Internal communication is of great importance in Project Management.

To become a professional, and a qualified PM, there is still a long way to go…

Now I am working hard on improving myself, either by reading books on these specific areas or following my supervisors’ guidance.

Hope it works out!

Keep going, Jeff!!!


13 October, 2007