Well, like Hazel says, I have also “abandoned” my blog for such a long time.

These days has been pretty tired and not feeling like talking anything.

But the magic power of interactivity just makes me regain my passion here.

Tonight I want to write about the importance of a “Target”.

Here is the story:

I need to mail some documents to Yahoo! Mail, but before that, I need my colleague to fill in some information for me. I emailed him on Monday, as soon as I figured out I need his help. But I didn’t specify a target date I want him to get back to me.

Something fun just happened, just makes me feeling like God wants to teach me a lesson. My colleague happened to ask for annual leave on Tuesday. OK, he was on annual leave, it is not polite to bother him.

On Wednesday, I asked one of my other colleagues that when he would be back, and was told that today he was going to client’s office, and not going back. Oh, what a coincidence. What can I do? I decided to wait until Thursday. Anyway, it is just one day, not a big deal, I thought.

There the lesson comes. I had progress meeting with my supervisors and when was asked about it, I suddenly realized that it is lasting for too long. I should proactively make it faster, like give him a call or specify a target date for him, which I didn’t consider at all.

So there comes the importance of a Target. If there is no target, there can be endless delay, delay to tomorrow, delay to the day after tomorrow. But you know, it could have been faster and more efficient if I had ever set a target.

I might make you confused about the “target” and the “target date”. But I believe most of you won’t have difficulty in understanding this. I just take “target date” as one form of “target” to demostrate the importance of a target.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

Set a “Target”


8 Nov, 2007