Well, finally I am going to have “my” football back. Finally I can play football in a fine football pitch, rather than the sand one, if a football pitch full of sand was called like that…lol

I don’t know why it has brought me back to my football memory so many times, in a single day, but I guess it is like I Love Football the best, where some of my happiest moments lie in.

Here is my football memory:

Phase One: Primary school (Grade Three to Grade Six)

I moved to Shantou when I was in Grade Three, from a countryside, and that’s the first time I came to know something called Football. Wow, I like that! I was crazy about it and every day, nearly every day if not exaggerating, I was honing my skills. I must commit that I was a quick-learner and kind of born with gift and talent, I become one of the best players among my friends. I still our Class Football Team was a very strong one and beated other teams in our primary school. That’s sweet! And something must be mentioned here, I knew Ronaldo at Grade five, and he then became my all-time hero. I just love him, every moment no matter he play best football, or fine football when his knee refused to support him…lol




Phase Two: Junior High SchoolI seldom played football in this period because there was no football pitch in my school. That’s awful. Just remembered that I picked up some other hobbies like Table Tennis and Basketball, and by the way, I love Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant very much too.

Phase Three: Senior High School (Happiest period)

It is the most memory I used to dream about. I was lucky to go to a high school that had a fine football pitch. I played football three or four times every weeks and to be honest, I was one of the best players as well if not the best…I played Ronaldo’s football of 1996-1997, I believed that most football fans were crazy about him at that time…He is phenomenal…

Phase Four: University (Sucks)

We did get a football pitch, but a sand one…It is just like a beach football pitch. You don’t have speed here, a lot of fun had gone and I seldom showed up there…I think I kinda of miss “my” football very much

Phase Five: Present (Let’s see)

Well, a new and fine football pitch was bulit in our university now right after I graduated from it…That’s unfair…But, lol, I just live around this area, and simply I can just go and play there…And the most exciting thing now is that I am going to have my first show there this afternoon, like six hours later…lol

God!!! I just cannot wait to play “my” football, the Ronaldo style football…

Keep playing “my” football


10 Nov, 2007