Well, I have to confess that Kobe Bryant is now my favorite athlete.

There are three reasons:

1. Kobe’s fabulous basketball skills

I don’t think there is a need to mention his basketball skills, ever since people started to compare him to Michael Jordan. Offense and defense, there is nothing Kobe Bryant cannot do well. Once he is determined, you got to be careful.

2. Kobe’s Attitude


How can you not like him after you have seen this picture? He played like that was his last match…That attitude deserves people’s respect. And I should learn from him as well.

3. Kobe has the heart of a Champion.

I like this “Heart”. It makes things happen!!! Every time you see Huston Rocket lost the game, and T-Mac or Yao Ming didn’t step out for the last ball (chance), you know the importance of that “Heart”. You want to be the champion, you got to have that heart.

There are few people like Kobe Bryant that can and dare to step out, dare to take the responsibility, and dare to take the challenge, to fight for the last ball. He fights to win the game. And I just think that every one should have the heart of a Champion, while in life you may have the heart of a winner.

From my recent work experience I just have a faith on this: You got to have the heart.

That matters much. Once you have the very “Heart”, you will fight for everything and things go on your way. You will see the magic power of the “Heart”.

You got to have the heart, Jeff!


25 Nov, 2007