Always Remember Your Ultimate Goal 

Last Saturday I went to Shenzhen the first time in my life, just for having dinner with my boss FK and my Manager YZ. It was a tired journey and cost me nearly 10 hours. However, it was fruitful and I have learned a lot… Like FK said, “This long journey cost money and time, but it is definitely worth your investment”. It was, indeed. And I will try to share with what I have learned from FK in a series of articles: 

Part 1: Always Remember Your Ultimate Goal 

There are many reasons that make it so important for you to remember your ultimate goal, for whatever you are doing. The following three are what I believe the most obvious ones:

1.     Your ultimate goal forms your plan

With your ultimate goal identified, like what you want to achieve ultimately, you then brainstorm what you can do to achieve your ultimate goal and come up with the best solution. What’s next? Start to assess necessary resources and detail the best solution into a number of small but concrete tasks. Then work out a task schedule and set some benchmarks to measure the successful completion of each task. With all tasks completed on schedule, your ultimate goal is achieved. And admittedly, no plan is perfect, so you many change some approach or some part of your plan accordingly. 

2.     Your ultimate goal helps you better handle distraction

From time to time, though I hate to admit, people are easy to lose control of their work because of the distractions like high working pressure and heavy workload. We can be very passionate and enthusiastic with our work while we have total control of our work. However, when there is someone superior pushing us forward or many sudden tasks increasing your workload so that you don’t have much time left for your family and self recreation, you start to hate your job and don’t do it with your heart. You yourself become a machine, while the only goal is to complete the task, but not how to do it well. With and without distraction, the work performance will be completely different. However, with a clear ultimate goal always in your mind, you can better handle distraction of these kinds and get everything in control. 

3.     Better Time Management, Work Effectiveness and Efficiency

With a clear goal bear in your mind, you know what is important and what is not for this specific task or goal. That is to say, you can prioritize you tasks, especial when you need to handle a lot of sudden tasks, as long as your ultimate goal is achieve. You can also cut off those tasks of things that don’t contribute much to the achievement of your ultimate goal and focus your efforts on those which matters. With that you can improve your work effectiveness and efficiency, leading you to superior time management. 

That’s so far the three most obvious reasons, also benefits that a clear ultimate goal can bring to us, and there are absolutely many more. But I believe these three have already show the critical importance of it. So let’s Always Remember Your Ultimate Goal.

Jeff, Always Remember Your Ultimate Goal!

10 Dec, 2007