Two Characters of Client that We Must Know

This series of articles is to share with what I have learned from dinner with FK last Saturday.

Part 2: Two characters of clients that we must know

To serve a client well, at least we must know the following characters that apply to every client:

Character 1: All clients are lazy

Why they pay you for the service, coz they don’t want to do it themselves. If you can do everything for them so that they don’t need to do anything, they could not be happier.

Character 2: All clients don’t want to take the blame

No one likes to take the blame. Always notice the problem before the clients and let them know you are working hard to help them out. It’s too late when you client tell you that there is something wrong, coz most of time they have taken the blame from their supervisor already. Before and after the client to notice the problem will lead to two completely different results.

Knowing these two characters of each client, it would be much easier to serve a client and make them happy.


12 Dec, 2007