No people would refuse high salary and good opportunity in their career life. However, few of them are willing to pay for it.

I found people around me usually complain all the time about the fact that their companies don’t offer them high compensation package and good career opportunity. But they never think about that they need to do something to get it. If you want to do no more than your colleague but are expecting higher salary and better opportunity, you are just daydreaming. Boss is not a fool. They know who creates value for them and who doesn’t. If you and your colleague do the same work and have same performance, why it should be you who deserves those benefits, but not your colleague?

 Therefore, to be qualified for what you are looking for, you should be willing to accept those extra job responsibility and deal with high working pressure.

An outstanding person needs to be able to do something that those less outstanding people are unable to get it done. If you are  not willing to pay for it, by your talent and your time, you are not going to make it.


17 Dec, 2007