The recent conversations with Stanley, LDS and Jess having been convincing me again and again that I am making the right choice staying at Radica.

People in Radica are nice and they make me feel that Radica is my family, which I should be devoted to its development.

Admittedly I am facing great financial pressure from people around me like my parents and relatives, etc. They are right! Jeff is underpaid now and should deserve much better payment at all times. I recognize their care and concern based on my interest, but I am sure that I am pretty well on my way to my ultimate goal of my career planning.

My personal career goal is to become a Personal Development Consultant that can grow up the teenagers of China so that our country can have better development.

To achieve that goal, I must first use nearly 10 years or even more to develop my personal brand and build my authority. And after that, my goal of becoming a Personal Development Consultant and a great manager that leading my team to success would be kicked off.

It’s so exciting to think about this. Just like Donald Trump once said, “Think big, Do small”. And that’s what exactly I am doing now.

Jeff, convince your parents and people around you that you are making the right choice and doing the right thing. Make your dream come true.


20 Jan, 2008