For a lot of people, they are always busy with their work. So am I.

However, being too busy is not a good habit, especially when you are too busy to think.

These days, I have been busy with my work with the increasing job responsibilities I have taken up. That makes me much busier than before and kind of have no time to think. Well, “Have no time to think” is many people’s favorite words, coz it helps not to be guilty. I just found that these days I have been subconsciously convincing myself that I have no time to think, to think how to grow up fast and to think how to be better. That seems a bottle-neck for every stage of a person’s growing up process.

Yesterday, Leo had drafted some points for me, to let me know where I can work to improve, after listening to my presentation to one of our customers. It’s so to-the-point and clear. It’s so great and nice of him and I appreciate that very much. And suddenly I realized that I have been “too busy to think” these days. How to grow myself up and how to make me a better Jeff, I got to have time, or even squeeze some time out to think.

That’s a bottle-neck but I would work something out to avoid this in my next stage of growing up process.

Thanks Leo!

I will keep improving.


23 Feb, 2008