People always have conflict between thing A and thing B. This time for me, thing A is Love, thing B is Career.

Great Opportunity Ahead 

I got a rare opportunity to work with my boss in Shanghai, that means a lot of learnings. If everything goes well, Jeff will be improving day after day, since my boss is a very great mentor for me.

What About Love?

Jeff got a girlfriend, a very nice girlfriend. Going to Shanghai means risk of break-up, at least cannot stay together for more than one year, while these days it is really hard to find true love in the material world.

Um…Love and Career, a tough question ahead now…How am I supposed to handle this? I just cannot afford to let go either one of them. However, I must make a decision. Can I have them both? Perhaps not.

What a conflict! Who can give me some advice on this so personal affairs?

Is there any good solution…


3 Mar, 2008