These days, I found every one around me is saying that they are underpaid. Honestly, I felt the same way. And I just came out with an interesting thought these two days. Here we go:

Why people say that they are underpaid?
1. People usually feel good about themselves;
2. People can find there is someone that is better paid than him/ herself;
3. People will only focus on that special case and start to think that they deserve better payment. In other words, they are underpaid.

But if every one is saying that they are underpaid, who is well paid then? No one! In this case, may I say that the underpaid situation is actually not an underpaid situation; it is all about the market. The market demand and supply determined the salary range, while some one got a bit higher and the other got somehow lower.

I found something like this in Napoleon Hill’s Success Law: People who want to be success need to be able to accept comparatively underpaid at their early career path.

Be patient and you will make a difference, sooner or later.
2 Mar, 2008