These days are totally refreshing and amazing.

I don’t know from where I gain the passion and enthusiasm, but I just feel energetic and excited every day, to whatever thing, especially work and personal development.

Probably it is due to the following three factors, this could be for anyone’s reference if you happen to read this:

1. Weekly Resolution

I have applied New Year’s Resolution into my own Weekly Resolution, and I have developed some tools to monitor the result and push myself to follow through. It works. I suddenly develop many good habits. (

2. Living the Personal Power II

Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power II is of great inspiration and help for my personal development. However, I failed to follow through for a couple of times. I followed up but cannot follow through before. “The past doesn’t equal to future.” I gonna make my own future by this special “Living” the Personal Power II.

3. Daily To-Do list

I create a daily To-Do list in and check every item every day before I go to bed, and rename the To-Do list with new items added for tomorrow. Though sometimes I cannot finish all of them, but I do finish most of them. What’s more, that helps me mark down everything I think I need to do, even just flashing into my mind.

That’s all for the passion stuff. I do feel good about what I have been through these days and I hope I can make it consistently.

Take consistent actions, Jeff.


9 Apr, 2008