Everything human beings do is merely an attempt to change the way they feel, to “change state.”


Moment to moment, what we do is powerfully shaped by the state we are in. When we’re in a frustrated state, we tend to behave very differently than when we’re feeling confident or excited or determined. One of the most important things we can do to create the power, joy, and passion we really want in our lives is to learn to manage our states of mind.


How to achieve it?


#1: Physiology.

– Change the way you move, breathe, use your facial expressions, or make any new demand on your body.

– Bear in mind that the state you are in determines your behavior and also your performance.

– You’re always responsible for your own states.


Move your hands, smile, be determined, have faith, etc. could help on this.


I also feel passionate these days by some “power moves” and smile, usually that will make myself feel good about the current state and energetic both working at office and resting at home.


The state of mind really determines performance.



11 Apr, 2008