To gain full control of your life, you must discover your core beliefs, change those that are limiting you, and resolve any conflicting beliefs.


To change a belief you must do the following:

1.       Identify the belief you want to change

2.       Link enough pain to your current belief so you automatically move away from it.

3.       Identify a new, empowering belief.

4.       Condition the new belief by “rehearsing” (mentally picturing and feeling the effect) over and over again and how your life will be better with this new belief, and how painful it would be to keep the old belief.


Two Simple Yet Valuable Core Beliefs to Adopt

1.      “The past does not equal the future.”

2.      “There is always a way if I’m committed.”


Find two core beliefs that have limited your life and use the “Dickens Pattern” to change them.

1.       Identify the two beliefs you want to change.

2.       Close your eyes. Think about and feel consequences- past and present- you’ve experienced because of these beliefs. Feel the emotional costs these beliefs have had on your life. What have they cost you in your relationships, your finances, your physical body, your level of happiness and fulfillment? What do you regret most as a result of these beliefs?

3.       Step five years into the future and drag these limiting beliefs with you. What is the cost?

4.       Step into the future 10 years.  What is the cost?

5.       Step into the future 20 years.  What is the cost?

6.       Come back to now and recognize none of this has happened yet.  You have a chance to change it.  What happened was a painful gift to move you to change your entire your entire destiny right now!

7.       Change your body radically – move as if you felt totally energized, excited, and passionate (e.g., breathe talk more rapidly).

8.       Decide what your new beliefs should be and write them down, stated in the positive.  Close your eyes and think about how these benefits will transform the quality of your life.  What will you gain by these new beliefs?  How will you be happier?  How will you be more successful financially and in your relationships?  How will your physical body be transformed when these beliefs begin to guide your daily actions?   Again, associate.  How is your life greater now, more fulfilling, richer emotionally, physically, and financially?

9.     Step into the future five years with your new beliefs.  Where are you now in your life?

10.   Step into the future 10 years.  Where are you now?

11.   Step into the future 20 years.  Where are you now?

12.   Look at both destinies and decide which one you’re committed to living, then return to the present.



Apart from the above two core beliefs, I also like the following core beliefs:

1. Impossible is nothing/ Anything is possible through hardwork and determination.

2. What you can imagine, what you can achieve.

3. Things don’t change. We change.


And I usually was trapped by the following beliefs:

1. I am too young, not experienced enough to make that happen.

2. There are too many people better than me. I just don’t feel comfortable doing that in front of them.


Tackle these negative beliefs and go all the way to achieve my goal and realize my dream.



14 Apr, 2008