Our consistent emotions shape character and destiny.


If you’re feeling any emotion, positive or negative, on a regular basis, it’s the result of an internal ritual. Your rituals consist of your habitual ways of looking at the world, talking to yourself and moving your body.

1. List five negative emotions that you experience on a regular basis (e.g.,depression, discouragement, sadness).

2. Write down your rituals for each of these emotions, i.e., what you must do in your mind in order to feel them-the “recipes” you have for creating each of these emotional states.

3. List five positive emotions that you experience regularly.

4. Write down your rituals for each of these emotions.


Procrastination is nothing but a ritual. Here’s how to overcome it.

1. Find out how you create the ritual.

2. If you don’t do this, what will be the ultimate price you’ll have to pay?

3. If you’d already gotten this done, how would your life be better? How much more joy would you have?

4. Develop the habit of saying, “I want to…” instead of “I have to…”

5. Develop the habit of moving your body to interrupt the pattern of procrastination.


One of my negative emotions:

Kinda easy to get irritated by other people and then blame him/her in my inner-heart.

Rituals: They don’t behave in the traditional “good” way, say, being rude.

              They don’t have high self-requirement and don’t have the heart to improve


To tackle it:

– Existence is justification

– To change a “tough” people is alway more difficult to change a nice people. Take it as challenge and seize this opportunity


My positive emotions:

– Failure is the passport/ bridge to success

– Expect failure, but fight for success

– What you can imagine, what you can achieve

– Difficulty is challege while challenge is rare opportunity, got to seize it

– Step out and be proactive when in a difficult situation, then you make a difference


Ritual/ Reasons for procastination and how to break out of it:

1. It needs much time to do it, but only get little now

– Take it as challenge and rare opportunity to boost your efficiency


2. I can do it tomorrow. It won’t get too worse. Tomorrow can still make it up.

– Make things perfectly done.

– Time Management: Critically important but not urgent – then you know what to do


3. I got other important things to do/ I need to have a rest after get through all this

– Why putting it in the to-do list? Time managment/ Planning sucks

– pay the price for the sucks time management/ planning – do it overnight



17 Apr, 2008