The first key to vibrant health and energy is to understand and apply the power of breath.


1. Breathing controls the condition of your blood stream; it controls the flow of lymph and thereby stimulates the body’s immune system.


2. The most effective way to breathe in order to cleanse your system is to

A. inhale through your nose for one count;

B. hold for four counts;

C. exhale through your mouth for two counts. (E.g., inhale 7; hold 28; exhale 14. Remember to start your breathing from deep in the abdomen.)


3. Another essential component of healthy breathing is daily aerobic exercise, including swimming and running.


The second key: eat water rich foods—your body is 80% water.


1. At least 70% of your diet should consist of water-rich foods (e.g., fresh fruits, vegetables or their juices freshly squeezed).


2. How much water you drink should be dictated by your thirst: However, whenever you’re stressed, drink plenty of water. Hydration changes the biochemical functioning of your body and has a huge effect on your emotional state. Instead of reaching for food, reach for a glass of water first.


3. Without sufficient water from water-rich foods, its own toxins can literally poison the body.


Exercise the power of breath and drink more water, Jeff!



23 Apr, 2008