You must think of a relationship as a place to give rather than a place to get.

Relationships fail primarily—because of the following:
1. The law of familiarity-enthusiasm decreases, then negative “anchors” are formed, which are the primary killers of relationships.
    A. To prevent negative anchors, make sure you’re not focusing on the other person when you’re in negative states.
    B. Don’t let arguments get out of control—use pattern interrupts with each other. Be playful!

2. We fail to consistently meet the strategies of love and attraction that each partner has. We all have unique triggers or anchors that cause us to feel love and attraction:
    A. Some of us need to be shown we are loved; e.g., we want someone to look at us with that loving look or to take us places to show they love us, or maybe even to buy us things.
    B. Some people need to hear they’re loved in a specific way with a certain tone of voice.
    C. Some people need to be touched in a certain way. Some need a gentle touch; some need to be held tightly so they know that you passionately cam.
Everyone is different. Everyone is unique. You must know the strategy of your partner. Be sure to review the process of how to do this on the tape.
If you want your relationships to last, you must do the following:
1. Find out what the person’s love strategy is and meet it consistently.
2. Give what you most want to receive, but don’t get trapped by “You do it first, and then I will.”
   A. Use your enthusiasm to enhance the quality of your relationship.
   B. Ask questions that encourage love to be expressed.
   C. Be spontaneous—work at creating special moments.

The quality of your relationship comes down to the quality of your commitment to making it work. Nothing of lasting and measurable value in life can be created without absolute commitment.

Relationship needs love and care, understanding and etc. To keep a long last one, it really takes a lot of thing to do.



24 Apr, 2008