There are three basic life paths:
1. The “dabbler”
2. The “stresser”
3. The master


Remember these key ideas:
1. Decide what you really want.
2. Develop a plan-find someone to model.
3. Take action immediately.
4. Be flexible.


Keep a journal-if your life is worth living, it’s worth recording. Capture your thoughts, your ideas, and your emotions on paper so you can use your insights and life experience to constantly improve. Remember, we’re only happy in life if we’re growing and contributing. Your journal becomes your own personal textbook for better living.


To make your life the masterpiece it deserves to be, I challenge you to do the following.
1. Master your mental and emotional states.
2. Develop compelling reasons to continue to manage your life.
3. Anticipate the challenges of life and use role models to help you determine how you will deal with them.
4. Re-evaluate your life on a regular basis.
5. Become a “team player”~- this is the greatest joy!
A. Surround yourself with a team of people you deeply care for, to whom you’re inspired to contribute more and more, which causes you to demand more from yourself-this—is true wealth!
B. Commit your life to something bigger than yourself.


– Be a master of life

– Keep a journal

– Living the personal power



26 Apr, 2008