Today is a day full of sadness and prayer for the best.

Too many people left this world in the past week and all of them are part of our family.

The quake, took too many people, took too many lives, took too much “too many”, only sadness left.

But here, we have LOVE. Through the diaster, we see LOVE, we see LOVE is everywhere. How I wish I could be there helping out. There could be too many wishes, but fact is fact, and life got to go on.

After the tribute, let’s unite as one, do the most thing for those who left, help their surviving families. Help them grow up, support them, bulid them home, offer them our hands and let them feel our LOVE.

There is so much we can do to help. But action speaks louder than words. Donate money, donate blood, pray for them, etc.

Got too much to say, but too hard to convey by words.

In a word, today is a special day, a day to remember, and a day of sadness, while a day of GREATEST LOVE!

Fill this world with LOVE!


19 May, 2008