Most people should say it must be fantastic to be a supervisor. Supervisor is usually associated with “Power”, “Authority”, “Respect”, “Economic abundance”, etc. However, great power comes along with great responsibilities and difficulties.

I got two people under me, not directly actually, though I need to guide them through our daily job. I am an easy going person and would very much like to share with other people on their personal development and work efficiency.

These days, I try every effort to motivate my team to be proactive, to make things happen. I also share with them how to do their job right and in an efficient way. I thought we are going to make something great and create a high team morale.

Bad thing is that only pushing cannot make things happen, and people have different requirement and expectation on themselves. For example, maybe A wants himself to be perfectly proactive, while B might only would like to be somewhat proactive. As a supervisor, for one thing, we need to motivate all people; for another, we need to motivate them accordingly.

Good thing is that though people have different expectation, we can still make people work their best and be proactive. Our team is of high team morale and working better and better. And the lesson I learned from this is to treat people differently according to their own situation.


30 Jun, 2008