Today I got a task from my general manager to double check some translation works.

It’s totally unprofessional translation job. I was wondering how could those translators dare to submit it to us. I can easily tell that they don’t do some research on the topic they are translating, they don’t refer to those relevant or similar materials, both of which I believe must be done before they actually start to do their job.

And I kept talking about that with my colleague and somehow complaining how sucks they are. I even wanted to do it my own, since I can hardly stand their translation.


When I was thinking about that on my home bus, I suddenly realized that I should not complain about that. That actually is part of the nature of some companies, and that’s why they charged less than other companies, according to my colleague. So I should take it as a fact and see how to resolve it.

Solution driven, like I said before…


1 July, 2008