The Conflict between Career and Love and its cliché

When it comes to the conflict between love and career, we often got advice from elder or experienced people that people should focus on different aspects in different stages of their lives. Say, if we are around 20 to 35, the primary concern should be our own career development, rather than love or other things. However, if we are in our late 30’s or even reach our 40’s, family and stability should be of our first choice.


Well, it makes sense, I must say, for most people if not all. But I got my own inspiration these days.


Outcome V.S. Process

I read a lot of books, both in English and Chinese, and found very good advice there. A great number people of the public-recognized successful people, judging from their career achievement and wealth, those common metrics in the traditional sense. But a lot of people of these kinds finally realized that they spent all their lives to fight for career success, and it turns out that they failed to be a good son or daughter to their parents, a loving husband or wife to their spouse, a caring dad or mom, etc. And ultimately, the success makes no sense and nowhere to share. That’s what we called OUTCOME.


On the other hand, some people spent part of their lives to fight for career development, while at the meantime, they also reserve time with their families and friends…He/she might not be the most successful one, indeed, no people is the most successful because there is no definition of most successful. But he/she leads a happy life and share good and bad of his/her lives with people around him/her. Life is full and enjoyable. That’s what I believe “enjoying the PROCESS”.


I am not here to debate about which one is better between OUTCOME and PROCESS. Indeed, both of them are good and necessary. There got to be people who focus on outcome, so that some great things could happen, and there got to be people who enjoy the process which make a harmonious society. To be, it is just two choices, and I currently prefer the latter one.


My Inspiration

Success never comes to an end, coz record is to break, sooner or later. It somehow like money, you never have too much money. So why not try to enjoy every part of our lives, either good or bad, just take it as the taste of life, sweet, soul, spicy, etc. I personally look at it like that and every day I am with passion, enthusiasm and gratitude, which I believe makes me feel happy every day. Moreover, when I look at life like that, I found it easier to handle the working stuff.


Life is full of passion, enthusiasm, and above all, gratitude. Isn’t it?



21 July, 2008