Speakers are those who say a lot, but do a little. (So many speakers, so few doers. – Win in Execution by 余世维)


Doers are those who do a lot, but think a little. (Not JUST do it)


Thinkers are those who think a lot, but create a little. (Great idea is nothing without execution)


We need not just a doer, but a thinker and ultimately a creator that creates something never exists before but makes sense in life.


1. Speaker => Doers

Nowadays, people say much more than do. What needs to be done?

a. Be responsible for what is said

b. Do what needs to be done

c. Deliver what is promised


2. Doer => Thinker

a. Not JUST do it

b. Think more

c. A suggestion comes along with the problem


3. Thinker => Creator

a. Great ideas are everywhere

b. What matters is the people and their execution

c. Win in Execution


I am now trying my best to transforming myself from a thinker to a creator. How about you?



21 July, 2008