Today, Francis and Leo gifted me a perfect demonstration of “What You Can Imagine, What You Can Achieve”.


I was trying to arrange a face-to-face meeting with some ISP these days. It’s an ISP of critical importance if we want to fight the China market. And I actually have utilized what I have learned and all I can come up with, and was told that currently not the right time for cooperation and postpone it to two months later. Given that there is possibility and opportunity two months later, I personally kind of satisfied with the progress and report to Francis and Leo, and suggest let’s wait until two months later.


Amazingly, after Francis and Leo’s discussion, Leo called the one I have been contacting and win us a face-to-face meeting tomorrow. I was shocked and saw my limit while at the same time I am so proud of my boss and supervisor and feel great that I got the chance working with them. What’s the magic lies there? It’s just the benefit that we can bring to this ISP and that’s all. Actually, I know the magic power of “benefit” and always try to find one for my customer or partner. My limitation at this moment is that I cannot find the most beneficial one, the one that can touch the other part’s heart, which I would like to call it “breakthrough point”, and it has something to do with “Business Sense”.


It’s a perfect demonstration of ““What You Can Imagine, What You Can Achieve” and remind me one of the very famous quote of Rich Dad Poor Dad, “There is always a way to make things happen, the only difference is that whether or not you will find the way”. That makes sense.



21 Aug, 2008