The past few weeks could be regards as the breakthrough of my mind, with regards to dealing with business and dealing with high-ranking company and business people.

Don’t be too humble in business!

I used to be humble, indeed, too humble.

Well, humble is a virtue. But being too humble keeps me from achieving what I desired.

I guess that’s so common for a less experienced man like me. Those who we speak to are high ranking, say, VP of a certain department, founder of a company, while my working experience is even no more than 2 years. They are a veteran, while I am a fish.

However, does it really matter?

People judge you from what you have brought to the table, but not by your age and experience


Well, after Francis and Leo have gifted me a lesson, I tried that myself with another ISP. This time the people I spoke to was the head of their department, and besides, he is founder of another famous software company. The content of conversation was actually similar to the previous one, the only difference is that this time I say it with full confidence. And I just made it.


Why did I fail last time?

a.    No confidence, too humble

b.    No boldness, get well prepared for their rejection, to step back or compromise

c.    No sense to find the breakthrough point- the benefit during the conversation


And as the subtitle suggests, people judge us by what we have brought to the table, but not by our age and experience. Being too humble simply is not a best practice in business. I won’t hit that stupid mistake again from now on.



3 September 2008