Our office is too small that people were filled in there, without personal space and phone conversation usually nuisance to other colleague and get interfered by nuisance around.

There is nothing wrong to discuss with colleague about work stuff, however, we need to make some changes when the discussion brings inconvenience to collegues around. Whose fault? Nobody in the room and I guess two things ought to be done:

1. Someone step out and raise his hand to boss

2. Boss takes care of it

I finally stepped out and my boss Francis asks for to gather suggestion from colleagues.

Something interesting happens and you just have no choice to laugh to yourself.

A couple of my colleagues who dealt with boss a lot in the past just tried to convinced me that there is nothing I can do about it, no matter how many times I raise my hand, useless I can show them the ROI, which indeed is nearly impossible to calculate or estimate. One thing I am sure is that there might not be obvious benefit if we have some changes, however, there are absolutely great disadvantages if we don’t have some changes. Why? When the office environment is noisy, when people cannot concentrate, no creative work will be created, no beautiful work will be produced, in the long term, no great company will be built.

People complain about the office environment, and thought there should be some changes. However, they seems pretty content with the existing situation when I was seeking suggestion. [Laugh to myself]. I guess I am the only one who believes I am gonna bring some changes.

Well, indeed, I am pretty confident that something will happen. Nothing cannot be  done, as long as you got a good idea about how to make it happen. That’s my belief, and convinced for so many times by my CEO, Francis. And this time, I am dealing with him, and that’s why I have a little faith.

I won’t just do things as told, I will do things ought to be done. That’s how we build a great company.

Success people are those who are making impossible possible, which Francis told me for many times. I will do that and I stick to my faith that impossible is NOTHING. We just need to find the right way to make it happen.

Keep going, Jeff!


27 Sep, 2008