I like books, and i like reading books.

I used to extensively read books, while spent more time on some of them, so-called intensive, I guess.

These days I am reading a book called The McKinsey Mind and I found myself need to intensively read that in order to get the full message of that book and utilize it later in future. And I kind of realize that somehow cracking a book, who means extremely intensively, is a MUST to make those knowledge ours.

There was an article written by Mr.6, in which he quoted that some researchs showed that it’s more effective to study “slower” than study too fast, and too rush.

We may need to possess the ability to learn fast to survive the fierce competition these days, while it doesn’t necessarily to be too rush. And fast and rush, are just brothers in arms. We should find the best position.

Therefore, I had made a list which called “To crack list” listing out those books I thought ought to be read intensively, while I will still keep extensively reading other books to enlarge my knowledge of world, and my vision.

Keep readin’


8 Dec, 2008