Now it’s the job-hunting season, and unfortunately, this year is gonna be tough for job hunter.


1. More competition

An increase number of fresh grads are now competing for limited vacancies.

2. Bad economy

No need to talk about the economy situation now, everyone feels that.

3. Green Hunter

The hunters are now still young. Most hunters are just thinking about what to get, and never think about what they need to give before they can actually get something.

The first job is very important for any one who is starting his/ her career. I would suggest people not just aiming at what they can get, rather, they should first think about what they can offer. Unless the boss is a stupid one, otherwise he/ she won’t be that kind to give you all you want and demand nothing from your side.

My experience taught me that the win-win mindset could be one of the right mindsets when hunting for a job, or starting a career. For me, it applies to many other fields too. Thinking in a win-win mindset enables us to better convey what we could offer and describe what we would like to get, to the hiring people. And it somehows will help us win the job.

Keep thinkin’ Win-Win


8 Dec, 2008