Cracking The McKinsey Mind_Part Six: Managing Your Team


6.      Managing Your Team


6.1          Selection

a.           Getting the mix right.

b.           Recruiting McKinsey-style.

c.           Consider not just demonstrated ability, but potential ability.

d.           Appreciate the value of diversity.

e.           Apply structure to recruiting efforts.



6.2          Communication: Keep the information flowing

a.           Remember that you have two ears and only one mouth.

b.           It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

c.           Overcommunication is better than undercommunication.


6.3          Bonding

a.           Take your teams temperature to maintain morale.

b.           A little team bonding goes a long way.

c.           Spend time together (but not too much)


6.4          Development

a.           Set high expectation.

b.           Evaluate regularly, and make it balanced.


Team management is often more of an art than a science.


Keep crackin’

Jeff Wang Best

24 Feb, 2009