The recent struggle on whether or not stay at my current company, or switch to another company so that I can earn more, to relieve family financial burden and prepare for marriage, has been a pain in my neck and I am now suffering from it every day.

I know my career goal, I know what I have been doing, and I know I am on the right track in terms of career.

My mom keeps reminding me that I have to, and I can make more money, so that I can relieve family financial burden and get ready for marriage.

My girlfriend keeps “stimulating” me to quit my current job and look for another higher paid one. Meanwhile, I was told that I deserve more payment since there are a lot of people around who are not as good as me, while at the same time, they earn much more than I do.

Well, it’s tough to be a nice guy all the time.

Stick to my dream and career? I would be considered selfish.

Take my mom and girlfriend’s advice? How can I afford to leave my current company since there are good opportunity and good team mates.

Someone says that I may first find a good job and then decide to quit, which is a safe play. Pretty safe, but I don’t want to do it with my boss, who is a very nice one and coaching me all the time. There is something more than just a boss and his employee.

Someone tried to convince me that I am too ideal and silly to raise this issue honesty to my supervisor, who indeed, I believe he is not just my supervisor. I also see him as my friend and mentor too. I believe in him and my boss. They are the ones who make my current company so much different from others. Because here is a place where things happen, a place where your voice could be heard as long as you raise your hand, a place where something I was told in the book could also be true.

There is no perfect solution. And my conclusion is that it’s only a matter of choice. Take either one of them, and then enjoy it.

Jeff Wang
5 Mar, 2009