Working professionals are just too busy, at least they are being freaking busy, thus they are too busy to think at work. Chances are that their work could be in a mess especially those requires collaboration with other colleagues, just simply because they are too busy to think how to get their work organized and well executed as planned.

One of my best friends called me tonight telling me that her boss criticized her at her disorganized working habit, which resulted in excessive duplicate work. She is leading a team of around 10 people and usually she needs to assign tasks to her subordinates. Think about it! When people don’t get the right job requirement, how could they produce the right result? The situation gets worse when these busy people are in a managerial position.

Instead of agreeing that these people are really too busy to think, I would rather say that these “too busy” people just don’t know how to do work planning and couldn’t get things well organized. And “being too busy” is just a decent excuse for not doing their job well.

Indeed, it’s not that difficult to resolve this issue if we are committed. The only thing we need to do is just to squeeze some time to think on a regular basis and strive to work as planned and in a well-organized manner. A simple act of this could lead to a triple-win situation. We do a good job and our colleagues avoid excessive duplicate work, while our company has improved productivity.

When You Slow Down, You Go Faster. So never be too busy to think!

Jeff Wang
12 Mar, 2009