Last Friday our company overcame a challenge due to a technical problem that has been creating much trouble to us and our clients.

The root cause of the problem turned out not as what our team used to claim, but was due to a factor that has been ignored, though once discovered by us.

What’s the lesson?
1. Jeff have an inclination to ignore, even to escape from, the problem that is not in my comfort zone;
2. Jeff have another inclination to tag/ select one of the phenomenon as “Root Cause”, that manifest the problem;
3. Jeff, and also our team, is still not critical enough. We got three people here, but none of us drill down to the root cause.

How can I turn it around?
Individually (personal development):
1. Determination
If you believe you are correct, you won’t succeed if you don’t persist. We once discovered the factor, but failed to keep it up as we were not “expert” with the technical stuff.

2. Perfectionism
Many people consider perfectionist not effective enough, as they will cover every detail in question. However, they really produce great things and get things done.

Organizationally (team brand and culture building):
Apart from the above two, we may also
3. Enhance critical thinking (root cause-driven in this case)
4. Never ignore problems those are not in our comfort zone, confront and resolve it.

Problem has been past, guess we are gonna benefit a lot from this incident.

Jeff Wang
24 May, 2009