Jeff, I am leaving.

This is the first thing I heard this morning when I arrived at HK office. And too bad, it was from Leo Lau, the one who means a lot to me in the last two years, the one who grows me up and fighting in my interest when I need him.

He is my direct supervisor, who has been tough to me, especially the very first year we worked together.

He is my mentor, who has been so nice to me, helping me go through difficulties and tackle challenge.

He is my bro, who has been fighting with me together to build a great team and deliver professional and high quality service.

He is my friend, who discusses personal issue with me and gives me heart-to-heart suggestion.

He is, just too much for me, and without him, Jeff is not today’s Jeff.

Now he is leaving, and will be leaving soon. This morning I suddenly lost my sense of expression, I just could not find a word or a sentence to describe how I feel towards what was happening at that moment.

But, Life has to be go on. Without his backup, I need to fight harder, and set higher standard to myself. Previously he is my last resort, I could pass every difficulty to him and he will help me out, whatever it is. But now, I need to stand on my own more than ever before.

Actually, there are some good things. Good for my career development, good for his career, good for myself as I need to force my self out of my existing comfort zone. I need to learn faster, and be more professional. I need to learn to work with people in different styles more effective.

Like everything, always has two sides. I accept it and I will get through it.

And one thing for sure, I will miss him, and miss working with him.

I am proud of you, and the other day, you will be proud of me too.

Let’s both add oil and keep fighting for our dream, Leo.

Jeff Wang

7 Sep, 2009

What We Can Imagine, What We Can Achieve!