It’s my first time spending a whole week at Hong Kong and the schedule is very tight, besides of which I will need to take over a lot of things from my immediate manager as he is going to leave soon, and acquire knowledge from my team member too, as he will be leaving in a couple of months.

How would you feel in such senario? You never know until you are there. You know there are a huge number of things to do, and must do under time constraint. The case will be worse if you could not make a smooth handover.

Tough, and Challenging, but still I need to look at the opportunity side. Otherwise, I will be leaving soon. This is an opportunity forces me to get out of my comfort zone at work, and requires me to unleash, and fully utilize my potential, to do something to make it up for losing your two hands. 3 and a half months later, if I make it, there will be a brand new team, a steamlined service production, and a more knowledgeable Jeff, with enhanced presentation skills and better business sense as I will be assisting our salespersons too.

Let’s see what Jeff will be in the end of 2009.

Jeff Wang

11 September 2009

What We Can Imagine, What We Can Achieve!

Burn Your Desire, Unleash Your Power, Jeff!